Daphne Robert-Hamilton

A Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Trainer

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Doberman Pinshcer

With Daphne our dogs (1 yr old male & female sibling Lancashire Heelers) and in particular the male Sonny has shown amazing response.  Daphne provides so much practical and applicable techniques and tools, she is a wealth of information, she is patient and caring with our dogs, and most impressive is her commitment to the welfare of animals.  Our lives with these pups would not be on the positive track it is now had we not met Daphne.

We had an almost perfect dog, but she had fear issues, fears of sounds, and fears of TV. I know the fear issues are very hard to correct, require patience and consequence and may possibly be… impossible to completely eliminate.      Thanks to Daphne, we now have a very happy dog, dog performing great in mixed breed obedience competition.  Dog that can tolerate and is obedient even in a presents of the sounds that a few month back would send her fleeing in panic.  For a while I really though all we could do was contain, manage the problem, maybe turn to chemistry (drugs).  Daphne’s approach gave our dog and us a happy life back, when dog in stress comes to you for comfort in obedient way… falls into heel position and calmly looks to you for guidance… hard to express our gratitude to Daphne in words.     My dream of having a dog I can be comfortable taking to runs on the beach with no leash are reality.

Daphne is very thorough and always has lots of ideas about different ways to approach the training, giving other options if something is not working. She explains things very well, not only the “hows” but the “whys.” She is also very thorough in follow up, referring me to many pertinent online resources and books to enhance the training. She is very quick to answer questions by e-mail which I really appreciate.

My dog came home from Daphne’s Board and Train calm and relaxed. Obviously, he had adjusted well to being away from the familiarity of home. Daphne was great to send us some pitures and also some videos of the training she had done.  The videos gave me a chance to focus on her dog-training style — while I have observed Daphne’s style as she has worked with my dog and me, the videos made it even clearer just how calm, and low-key, and positive Daphne is as she trains.  Her ability to stay calm and positive even with a reactive dog is what makes her a great trainer.

Absolutely the best.  I have a reactive, aggressive dog.  Daphne is training me to train my dog.  As a result I am not fearful of his outburts and his outbursts are fewer and less intense.

Absolutely the best, I am so glad I got in touch with Daphne.  I have shown dogs, trained dogs, done SAR with dogs, but my Present dog is from outer space.  He is now almost a good dog, with Daphne’s help and her ability to train me to work with the dog I think we will survive as a partnership.



March 25, 2011

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A dog that is given consistent guidance from an early age grows up to be a confident dog. Education brings security, security brings confidence, and a confident dog has no need to show anxiety-based behaviors.




All VSPDT dog trainers:
  • Are hand-selected by Victoria.
  • Train dogs using only positive reinforcement.
  • Avoid force & outdated dominance-based methods.
  • Work personally with Victoria and her team.
  • Share Victoria's ability to talk and think dog - positively
  • Practice the highest level of courtesy and professionalism.
  • Respect you and your dog at all times.
  • Share the VSPDT mission of creating healthier, more balanced relationships between dogs and owners
  • Help the Victoria Stilwell Foundation support canine assistance organizations.

About Daphne

Daphne has been involved in training/instructing animals and people for the past 18 years involving horses and dogs.  Certified Professional Dog Trainer since 2004 and in business since 2002. She specializes in aggressive dogs. She founded South Bay Trainers in the SF/Bay Area and volunteers her expertise to Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pets.